Sing Along with Roberta Bonelli Braga and Caio Oliveira.

You and I by Aline Shader is a two-part partner song centered on themes of friendship and the joy of singing with others. When joined together, the two parts interweave poignantly between harmony and unison, showcasing through music what is said in words. 

Part 1                                                          
You and I have a wonderful song
When I’m with you, singing along
There’s a melody that lingers and then
What do we do? Sing it again!

You and I have a wonderful time
Always a tune always a rhyme
Here we are and this is where we belong
When we’re singing our wonderful song
Singing our wonderful song

Part 2
You can always count on me
I will sing the harmony
Is there any sound so sweet?
So nice, complete

And I can always count on you
You will keep the rhythm, too
Welcome everyone along
When we’re singing our song
When we’re singing our song

Roberta Bonelli Braga is a general music teacher in São Paulo, Brazil. In addition to earning her music teaching licensure, Roberta holds specializations in Orff Schulwerk (Levels I, II and III) from Southern Methodist University, as well as Waldorf Pedagogy at Faculdade Rudolf Steiner.