To celebrate EARTH DAY, the Music School of the Hanseatic City of Lüneburg Children’s Choir (directed by Anna Schwemmer) and Instrumental Ensemble (directed by Kathy Nierenz) perform “Happy Birthday, World” – music and lyrics by Aline Shader, arranged by Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra bassist, Carlos Henriquez.

Music and Lyrics by Aline Shader

Happy birthday, World
Another year goes by
Wiser for the time
Older, you and I
Round and round
Till eternity
I’ll take care of you
You’ll take care of me

Happy birthday, World
So many stories tell
How you came to be
Why you turn so well
Round and round
No way to decide
What the future holds
What the shadows hide

Happy birthday, World
And here’s the wish I bring:
May you always stay
Such a wondrous thing
Round and round
Spinning in the blue
Peace and love and hope
All the best for you