There’s a Lot of Time for Singing

Composed 1977

The six parts of this song are simple, yet they offer considerable variety in rhythm and melodic direction. This song is quick to learn and exciting to put together. An opportunity for audience participation.

Lead Sheet Preview:

You can download the song files here:


Unison, 6 Parts, Multi-Part Song

Musical Form:

Part A
Part B
Parts A and B together
Part C
Parts A,B,C together
Part D
Parts A,B,C,D together
Part E
Parts A,B,C,D,E together
Part F
Parts A,B,C,D,E,F together
Parts A,B,C,D,E,F together (a cappella)

Suggested Uses:

All-school assembly; team building-themed program; multiple choirs

Performance Options:

Parts can be introduced in the music classroom and then put together in a concert; simplify by selecting a few of the six parts

Piano Score Preview: