When Phoebe Claps Her Hands

composed 1994 / © 1994

everyone gets a kick out of watching baby Phoebe clap her hands



Song Details


2-Part Song


optional solo phrases

Musical Form

  • A – (modulation)
  • A – Coda

Song Details

In this jaunty call and response song, the phrases are sung and then echoed in quick succession. Often, they are echoed exactly but, as if if to keep the singers on their toes, the response phrases are occasionally different in text and/or rhythm. The repetition in this song is a clever composer’s choice, pointing out the tendency for adults to delight in mimicking a baby’s actions, and the tendency for the baby to delight in doing the action over and over again. And if that weren’t enough, the music modulates and the song is sung again. The clapping coda is icing on the cake!

Performance options

may be sung by a chorus in two parts, but is also very effective when sung by a soloist and chorus

Suggested uses

  • family-themed concert
  • intergenerational-themed concert
  • novelty number