composed 1994 / © 2013

a new myth about a fledgling flying south for the winter



Song Details




optional solo verse(s)

Musical Form

  • Verse 1 – refrain
  • Verse 2 – refrain

Song Details

“Story” is an engaging parable about a young fledgling who knows it is time to fly south for the winter, yet doesn’t quite trust his wings. He asks his parent for help (“so could I hop on your back…?”) The parent bird gladly obliges, promising that the youngster will be flying on his own by next spring. The lilting verses should be sung in a conversational manner. The refrains gain momentum as the birds take flight. This song presents a wonderful opportunity for story-telling!

Performance options

very effective when sung as a conversation between: a) a child and an adult soloist, b) the 2 sections of a children’s choir, or c) a student chorus and an adult chorus; optional 2-part harmony in the final refrain

Suggested uses

  • family-themed concert
  • intergenerational-themed concert
  • autumn concert