In The Beginning

“In the Beginning” is a musical interpretation of stories from the Old Testament. From a literary
perspective, it touches on universal themes of hope, perseverance and our search for meaning.

It also explores civic engagement and cooperation through songs such as “Run Away Jonah,” “Rain Song” and “Build a Tower.” “Rock-a-Bye,” “I’ll Follow” and “Carry It On” are tender and uplifting songs that highlight the themes of peace and understanding.

This engaging musical, with 14 scenes and 13 songs, intended to be performed
by 5th – 8th graders, provides a unique perspective on these classic themes and is
a wonderful way to learn about the role of story-telling through musical theater.

Music, lyrics and book were written by Aline Shader in 1971-1972 for her students at
Bowen Elementary School in Newton Centre, MA.

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on the website free-of-charge and without restriction.

This (105mb) .Zip file contains:

1 x Full Script (1 PDF)
13 x Lyric Sheets (1 PDF)
13 x Lead Sheets (1 PDF)
13 x Full Scores (1 PDF)
13 x Full Audio Files (MP3 Format)
13 x Piano Audio Files (MP3 Format)

This (61mb) .Zip file contains:

17 x Part-forward Audio Files (MP3 Format)

Performance Suggestions:

  • Ideal for groups of up to 35
  • Grades 5 – 8
  • “In the Beginning” can be performed as a fully staged production, semi-staged, select scenes, as a sing-through with narration or as individual songs.
  • Assignable speaking roles for group scenes, for example:
    Child 1:
    Townsperson 2:
    Villager 3:
  • Costumes: blue jeans, colorful solid tee shirt and sash belt. Minimal props needed as many scenes include pantomime.

Song Audio:

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Script (Preview Image):

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  1.    In The Beginning
  2.    Behold
  3.    Rain Song
  4.    Build A Tower
  5.    The Times
  6.    Tell Me
  7.    Rock-A-Bye
  8.    Moses Reel
  9.    Far Beyond
  10.  I’ll Follow
  11.  Will You Please Pass The Wine
  12.  Run Away Jonah, Run Away
  13.  Carry It On


Scene 1 – In the Beginning
Scene 2 – Behold
Scene 3 – The Market Place
Scene 4 – Noah
Scene 5 – The Tower of Babel
Scene 6 – The Times
Scene 7 – Joseph and Jacob
Scene 8 – Moses
Scene 9 – Moses Reel
Scene 10 – Far Beyond
Scene 11 – Ruth and Naomi
Scene 12 – David and Goliath
Scene 13 – Jonah
Scene 14 – Carry It On


“In The Beginning”
Music, lyrics and book by Aline Shader (1971)

Enya Lim and Gill Scott

Dan Nimmer

Mix Engineer:
Alex Leiva

Jonathan Kelly

Script layout:
Maegan Kelly

Jenny Hersch