Songs Children Sing

music by Aline Shader



it’s raining, it’s pouring… and it’s actually quite pleasant… from inside, looking out!

Year Composed


Year Copyrighted




Musical Form

  • Introduction
  • A – A – B – A
  • Coda

Song Details

“Rainsong” might be viewed as a refreshing new spin on the old children’s chant, “it’s raining, it’s pouring.” An octave leap is heard frequently in this arrangement. First in the accompaniment, it imitates the sound of raindrops. Then at the beginning of each A section, the octave leap is heard as the singers ask, “and what if it rains/pours tomorrow?”

Performance options

optional, very accessible, two-part harmony in the coda; xylophone or pizzicato strings and cymbal may be added for special effects (see instructions in the score)

Suggested uses

  • weather-themed concert
  • elementary music classroom
  • to teach octave leap and call and response singing

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