composed 1978 / © 1998

true friendship



Song Details


Unison and/or 2-Part

Musical Form

  • Verse 1
  • Verse 2
  • Interlude
  • Verse 3

Song Details

This simple song in unison with optional two-part harmony, consists of a creatively-crafted string of similes… “I need you just like the meadow needs the lark, like the moon needs the mountain to climb up and see,” etc… each one adding a delightful new visual image. The 3/4 meter and the fact that the right hand in the piano accompaniment is written 8va, combine to impart a music box effect that will delight young singers.

Performance options

the phrases in verse 2 could be sung by soloists or small groups; the harmony line in the interlude could be sung or omitted at the discretion of the conductor

Suggested uses

  • friendship-themed concert
  • beginning chorus