Grandpa’s Song

composed 1994 / © 2011

fun with Grandpa at the beach



Song Details




optional solo phrase(s)

Musical Form

  • A-B-A

Song Details

In the A section, a child urges Grandpa to take him/her to the beach, an obvious favorite trip of theirs. The light syncopation and soft-shoe tempo contribute to the playful nature of this melody. In contrast, the B section is introspective and should be freely sung. Though winter, fall and spring hold their own appeal, summertime is best, bringing back fond beach memories, just like the cycling tide. Here, the text paints lovely scenes, with the spacing between the sung phrases allowing the listener time to envision them. When A returns, the fun continues!

Performance options

the B section could be divided among soloists or sung by the chorus in unison

Suggested uses

  • Grandparents’ Day
  • family-themed concert
  • intergenerational-themed concert