For Love To Grow

composed 1994 / © 2013

An adopted child and his/her parent each reflect on the special bond of love they share.



Song Details



Musical Form

  • Verse 1 – refrain
  • Verse 2 – refrain

Song Details

This song is a tender and deeply reflective story of adoption told from two points of view. The child and then the parent each sing their perspectives, with the common thread being that “you chose to be my family (child) / I chose to be your family (parent)…for love to grow.” This song is a moving example of Aline’s ability to wed melody and text.

Performance options

the two sections of the chorus could each sing a verse in turn, thus representing the child and parent; this song could also be performed very effectively by two soloists; optional two-part harmony in the final phrase

Suggested uses

  • family-themed concert