All At Once

composed 1995 / © 2010

cycles of life...and those rare, beautiful moments that defy description



Song Details




optional solo introduction

Musical Form

  • A (a cappella)
  • A (unison)
  • B (unison and 2-pt)
  • A (2 pt)
  • Interlude (with key change)
  • A (SSAA)

Song Details

This is a unique work that is both personal and universal. Appropriately, it moves in seamless fashion between unison, 2- and 4- part writing. The text is a series of images about the cycles of life…about past, present and future. At the song’s conclusion, time stands still for just a moment as “a choir of children sings.” The effect is breathtaking! “All At Once” is the fourth piece in a song cycle by Aline Shader called “Cycle.”

Performance options

chorus may perform this piece surrounding the audience

Suggested uses

  • concert opener
  • concert closer
  • cycles of life-themed concert