Songs Children Sing

music by Aline Shader

A Nice Little Piggy


a nice little piggy gathers friends for a lunch date

Year Composed


Year Copyrighted



Unison and/or 2-part

Musical Form

  • Verse
  • Refrain (4x)
  • Coda

Song Details

Here is a clever, engaging song-story kids will love singing. In simple verse-refrain form, animals are invited, one by one, to join the group, with fun rhyming phrases. Finally, when we’ve counted to ten, “it’s a party”! After one last rousing refrain, the “pig-out” that happens in the coda is an event not to be missed!

Performance options

verses may be sung by soloists, with the refrains sung tutti; optional 2-part harmony in the refrain; consider dramatizing the story while singing

Suggested uses

  • novelty number

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A Nice Little Piggy