Songs Children Sing

music by Aline Shader

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Aline Shader provides a wonderful opportunity for children to become involved with music.

-Yo-Yo Ma

Aline Shader writes beautifully for children’s voices. She has a unique ability to join sensitive text with singable melody. Her songs are innovative and engaging. Kids love to sing them and audiences love to hear them.

-Charlotte Brumit

Aline’s songs are sung again and again by all who come in contact with them.

-Johanna Hill Simpson

Aline’s songs are irresistible in both their musical and narrative composition.

-Geoffrey Pierson

The wonderful little songs in this collection by Aline Shader provide the ideal way to introduce youngsters to quality music. Each song imparts a lovely message of kindness, love, and understanding to all of us.

-Ron Della Chiesa

Aline Shader combines intelligence and humor in songs that are perfect for children’s choruses.

-Mary Beth Bowman

This charming music is filled with moments in time that are put into song.

-Nancy Loder