composed 1998 / © 2013

the well-loved tale of Stone Soup in song



Song Details



Musical Form

  • A – A – B – A – Coda

Song Details

The chorus takes on the role of balladeer in this clever, quite sophisticated rendition of the Stone Soup story. Aline’s interesting harmonic choices keep the listener intrigued and a little on edge about the outcome of the story. Her text is inventive and fun to articulate….for example…”a lengthy stride, he’d strut, he strode…” Vivid imagery abounds… “a stone as smooth as silken thread.” The B section, in quasi-recitative style, contains the turning point of the story. In the final A section, the traveler resumes his journey, with a full stomach, giving the farmer the “magic” stone in return. In the coda, the balladeer imparts one last thought to the listener: “Stories change a little…unexpectedly.”

Performance options

may be sung entirely by the chorus or by a soloist (traveler) with chorus; dramatization may well enhance the performance of this song

Suggested uses

  • folk tale- or storytelling-themed concert